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Buniad (Former UPP)

Program Background:

The ultra-poor, also known as poorest of the poor, are often left out of the mainstream credit program because of the perceived belief that they are of high risk to loan repayment.On the contrary, the ultra-poor people voluntarily exclude themselves form microcredit at times because of the fear of not being able to repay in time and getting further indebted.To better understand these vulnerable groups Dak Diye Jai undertook this program.

Duration: September 2005 to continuing.

Area Coverage: Pirojpur, Bagerhat, Jhalokathi, Barisal, Borguna and Gopalgonj.

Source of Funding: PKSF

Active Members                              : 6,153

Active Borrowers                             : 3,914

Loan Disbursed (Cumulative) Tk.  : 602,948,500

Loan Outstanding Tk.                     : 44,478,681

Savings Outstanding Tk.                 : 19,271,370

Goal of the Program:

The goal of this program is to bring the ultra poor people in the main steam of development.

Objective of the Program:

The main objective of Buniad is to support the ultra-poor people in such a way so that they become capable to create sustainable income opportunities and human dignity as well as they can lift out of extreme poverty.

Target Group/People:

Ultra poor people e.g. professional beggar, divorced women, widow, parents of child labour, sex worker, seasonal laborers, marginal farmers and people living in and around areas affected by river erosion, floating people etc.

Activities under the Program:

  • Provide flexible microcredit to the ultra-poor members of groups;
  • Conduct IGA wise training for ultra-poor members;
  • Aware the group members on socio-economic issues.