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Adolescents Program

Background of the Program:

A comprehensive program had been implemented to tackle hunger and poverty in Bangladesh under Ujjibito project of PKSF for the period from November 2013 to April 2019. Out of the total 20 activities of the project, ‘Ujjibito Kishore Club’ was one of the activities. Apart from building a knowledge-based and sophisticated society, the special role of the Kishore Clubs has already been seen in building the leadership of the next day. At the end of Ujjibito Project, the activities of the clubs are being carried out under PKSF’s main program titled as Adolescents Program. The ‘Adolescents Program’ is being implemented practically for the adolescents and with them. Dak Diye Jai started implementing the program from 6 July 2019 with the funding support of PKSF.

Program Duration: 1 July 2019 to continued.

Working Area: Pirojpur Sadar & Indurkani upazilas of Pirojpur district.

Funding Agency: Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF)

Objectives of the Program:

Contribute visibly to strengthening the foundation of sustainable development by taking appropriate initiatives to improve the values and social degradation of individuals, families and society at the grassroots level, as well as taking various initiatives to protect the health and environment.

Purpose of the Program:

  • Develop adolescents as civilized human beings with moral values;
  • Encourage adolescents to create better lifestyles in addition to creating negative attitudes towards social offenses and decadency;
  • Aware adolescents to achieve good health, about physical and mental health during adolescence, and on safe food and nutrition;
  • Encourage adolescents to be self-reliant, courageous and self-confident, to practice creativity, to develop merit, to develop beautiful, disciplined and clean living practices and to learn perseverance and discipline;
  • Help adolescents developing a tendency to be entrepreneur in addition to develop their life skills;
  • Encourage adolescents to jointly work on prevention of social crime, decadency and on community development;
  • Develop thoughts and fine sensibility of adolescents and encourage them to practice religious values, to practice native culture, and to practice native sports in building physical health;
  • Help create a supportive environment in case of family and social environment for adolescents;
  • Encourage the people of surrounding areas of the program to replicate similar initiatives in their own initiatives.

Beneficiary of the Program: Adolescent boys and girls.

Main Activities of the Program:

The main activities under the program are:

  1. Raising awareness and practicing values;
  2. Development of leadership and life-skills;
  3. Nutrition and healthcare;
  4. Cultural and sports activities.