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Cultural and Sports Program

Program Background:

In spite of the country’s economic progress, many undesirable and immoral activities are hampering sustainable development of the country. Becoming victims of frustration and deprivation the next generation children, adolescents and youths of the country are involving them in undesirable issues, which is not expected in any way. In order to overcome such a situation, initiatives should be taken from all stages for providing moral education in the educational institutions, practicing sanctity, development of honest qualities, motivating for patriotism, good thoughts and honesty and development of honest leadership in the family, society and educational institutions. In this context, PKSF awarded cultural and sports program to DDJ in July 2017. At present this program is being implemented in Indurkani and Mathbaria upazilas of Pirojpur district. This program is patronizing and promoting school-based activities to raise cultural affinity and sportsmanship among the youths.

Goal/Aim of the Program:

The program aims to create awareness against crimes like terrorism, social ills like harassing women, drug abuse, and violence against women.

Objective of the Program:

One of the main objectives of the program is to make harmony and brotherly relations among each other, respect for each other, encouraging good health and beautiful mindset and preventing discrimination and evil thoughts in humans by bringing together all generations of people including children, adolescents and young people through organizing various social and education related initiatives.

Program Beneficiaries/Participants: Children, adolescents and young people.

This program is closed in June 2020