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Learning and Innovation Fund to Test New Ideas (LIFT)

LIFT is a program of Palli Karma-Shahayak Foundation (PKSF). Under the program in December 2016 DDJ started to implement one of its activities i.e. installation of desalination plant (Reverse Osmosis System) in a saline prone area of Bagerhat district. DDJ installed one plant at 11 no. Baharbunia Union of Morrelgonj upazila under the district. The area is a saline prone area and DDJ installed the plant in the area with a view to fulfill the long demand of the people of the union for potable water.Through installation of the plant, approximately 1,000 households of 11 no. Baharbunia union and adjacent 12 no. Jeudhara union are being benefitted getting potable water with a very minimum service charge i.e. per liter service charge only 0.50 paisa. The poor people are getting water from the plant free of service charge.