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Project Title: Non Formal Primary Education Program

Project Background: DDJ strongly believes that sustainable development cannot be thought without educating the community, and hence, one of the most important thrusts of the organization is to eradicate illiteracy in its working area.  Moreover, education is the basic rights of a child. DDJ also acknowledges that the children are the future of our nation and a developed society cannot be thought of keeping them illiterate. The children from the poorest class in our country get rare access to government primary education program.  Considering the above facts DDJ initiated the Non-Formal Primary Education (NFPE) program in its working area.

Duration: January 1995 to continuing.

Area coverage: Mathbaria upazila of Pirojpur district, Morrelgonj and Kachua upazilas of Bagerhat district.

Source of Funding: BRAC

Project Goal: The goal of the program is to bring the marginalized children under the primary education program.

Objective of the Project:

1. The general objective of the program is to enhance primary education by means of non formal education.

Project Participants: Children of the rural poor.

Major Intervention: Provide non-formal education to the children.