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Project Background:

On the above situation DDJ undertook the sub project “Promoting Grassroots’ Capacity to reduce vulnerability due to increase salinity in Bagerhat district” in partnership with Community Climate Change Project (CCCP)-PKSF in Bagerhat district in September 2013. The project area was in the coastal belt, quite close to the largest mangrove forest, the Sundarbans. DDJ implemented the project in 12 villages (i.e. Sheakpara, Pailatala, Bahorbunia-1, Bahorbunia-2, Nishanbaria, Chipabaiykhali, Gubtola, Vasanda, Talukderkachari, Baraikhali, Haritokitala & Jamirtala) of the 4 unions (i.e. Baroikhali, Baharbunia, Khaolia and Nishanbaria) of Morrelgonj upazila under Bagerhat district. There are approximately 11,594 people in the working villages. The source of income of the people in the area is agriculture, day labor and natural resource collection from the Sundarbans. The people are poor in general with low scope of income opportunities. The area is saline prone and agriculture is restricted to some extent.

Duration: August 2013 to 31 December 2016

Project Goal:

To contribute to the process of reducing vulnerability of the people living in saline impacted areas of Bagerhat district.

Specific Objectives of the Project:

  • • To increase level of awareness among the targeted communities on climate change and impacts of salinity on the lives and livelihoods of the community;
  • To improve capacity of the vulnerable communities to implement diversified and alternative livelihood options;
  • To increase facilities for the targeted communities to access to pure drinking water and sanitation;
  • To enable vulnerable communities’ accessibility to public services and social safety net programme.

Project Area:

Morrelgonj upazila of Bagerhat district.

Project Beneficiary:

The direct beneficiaries of the project were 770 poor households and the indirect beneficiaries comprise of 1,672 poor people that are being benefited by Pond Sand Filter (PSF) installed under the project in the project area.

Major Activities of the Project: 

  • Homestead plinth area raising;
  • Pond re-excavation and PSF installation;
  • Duck rearing with semi scavenging method
  • Conduct training on duck rearing;
  • installation of sanitary latrine;
  • Installation of improved cooking stove.