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Project Background:

Dak Diye Jai has started implementing a project titled Voter and Civic Education with the funding support of the Asia Foundation in September 2006. The Asia Foundation started the project keeping the 9th National Assembly Election ahead. An Election Working Group (EWG) has been established with 35 civil society organizations with a view to having a free, fair and peaceful election, establishment of good governance, democratic representation and a higher degree of accountability. The member organizations of the EWG are implementing this project. The Asia Foundation is the chief coordinator of this working group. As a member of the Election Working Group (EWG), Day Diye Jai performed the role of district coordinator in Pirojpur district at the time of 9th National Assembly Election. Dak Diye Jai through the Coastal Development Forum (CDF) Network comprised of 8 partner organizations implemented the project titled as Voter and Civic Education in Nazirpur, Kawkhali, Bhandaria and Mathbaria upazilas of Pirojpur district and Jhalokathi Sadar, Kathalia and Nalchithi upazilas of Jhalokathi district. After ending the project in April 2010 DDJ started implementing the project “Strengthening Civic Engagement in Elections and Political Processes for Enhanced Transparency and Democratic Accountability” with similar activities of the previous project from 1st May 2013 with funding support of The Asia Foundation in the constituency no. 126 Jhalokathi-2 (Jhalokathi Sadar & Nolcity Upazila), constituency no. 127 Pirojpur-1 (Pirojpur Sadar Upazilla, Najirpur Upazila & Nesarabad Upazila) and constituency no. 128 Pirojpur-2 (Kaukhali, Vandaria & Zianagar Upazila).

Duration: 1 May 2013 to continuing

Area Coverage:

Pirojpur Sadar, Nazirpur, Zianagar, Kawkhali, Bhandaria and Nesarabad upazilas of Pirojpur district and Jhalokathi Sadar and Nalchiti upazilas of Jhalokathi district.

Source of Funding: The Asia Foundation.

Project Goal:

To establish a free, fair and credible electoral process in Bangladesh.

Objective of the Project:

1.       Enhance Transparency and Credibility of Election Processes;

2.       Decrease Political and Electoral Violence;

3.       Strengthen the quality of Representation and Democratic Accountability

Project Participants:

People of the project area.