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Project Background:

DDJ started the project with the funding support of the Asia Foundation in September 2006. The Asia Foundation had started the project keeping the 9th National Assembly Election Ahead. An Election Working Group (EWG) was formed with 35 civil society organizations with a view to having a free, fair and peaceful election, establishment of good governance, democratic representation and higher degree of accountability. The member organization of this EWG implemented the project. The Asia Foundation was the chief of this working group. As a member of the EWG, DDJ implemented the project.

Duration: September 2006 to April 2010

Area Coverage: Nazirpur, Kawkhali, Bhandaria and Mathbaria upazila of Pirojpur district and Jhalokathi Sadar, Kathalia and Nalchiti upazilas of Jhalokathi district.

Source of Funding: The Asia Foundation.

Project Goal: National and local government election observation of the pre-election, Election Day and post election environment.

Objectives of the Project:

1.   To contribute an enabling environment for a free, fair and non-violent 2007 parliamentary election whose results are accepted by the people of Bangladesh;

2. To promote more substantive election campaigning, enhanced democratic representation and accountability by political parties and candidates, higher standards of parliamentary governance between elections, and greater citizen participation in and scrutiny of political affairs and governance standards;

3.   To strengthen the capacity of domestic civil society organizations to promote free, fair and peaceful elections and improved governance standards including effective partnership relations with public institutions.

Project Participants: General people including voters, marginalized people, disabled persons, religious minority, the ethnical community, Local election offices, political party leaders and candidates, civil society, journalists and different professional groups.

Major Intervention: National and local government election observation and voter awareness activities.